FAQ about Special Phone Numbers, Toll Free, Local Phone and Premium Rate Numbers, IVR, SIP, API and Regulatory Authority2018-12-03T00:30:57+00:00
Who processes the data when using the CloudVoice Platform?2018-11-28T14:09:28+00:00

The CloudVoice software modules are developed within our company. The servers running CloudVoice are hosted in-house and in German data centers on dedicated servers.

How many callers can reach the CloudVoice IVR simultaneously?2018-11-28T01:07:45+00:00

CloudVoice IVR can handle several thousand calls simultaneously. CloudVoice IVR is based on in-house developed software modules, an can therefore easily be scaled on demand.

What about the voice quality and reliability of SIP / VoIP Calls?2018-11-28T14:10:51+00:00

Basically, VoIP calls offer the possibility for  better voice quality compared with traditional PSTN calls. In case both sides support the HD voice standard, the bandwidth used is higher and voice quality better than with traditional analog or ISDN calls.

In addition, when connecting our system for example to callcenters, we experienced that using a direct VoIP Trunk eliminates many points of failure compared to using the public telephony network. A VoIP Trunk gives us complete control over the used codec (bandwidth) used for the calls. As a backup in case of failure, we configure a fallback mechanism to PSTN connection in case the SIP Trunk fails.

How many callers can reach my phone number simultaneously?2018-11-28T01:00:47+00:00

Our German phone numbers support up to 500 calls simultaneously by default. In case you expect a higher call volume, please let us know so we could increase that limit accordingly.

Foreign phone numbers support up to 50 calls simultaneously per phone number. In case you expect a higher call volume, please let us know so we could increase that limit accordingly.

What is IVR ?2018-11-27T01:20:38+00:00

IVR – short for Interactive Voice Response – automates interaction with telephone callers. Most people are familiar with IVR applications. These applications allow users, for example, to

  • retrieve information such as bank balances, flight schedules, and movie show times from any telephone and without the help of a live operator, or
  • help the caller being forwarded to the appropriate department or agent by selecting one of the IVR voice menu options
From which networks can I reach a German 0800 (toll free) number, and what is the call tariff?2018-11-27T01:08:37+00:00

German 0800 numbers from EMTEX are reachable from all networks in Germany (fixed and mobile networks) free of charge.

From abroad, calls to German 0800 numbers are usually charged with the normal tariff for calls to Germany. However, not all foreign networks allow calls to special numbers like 0800 in Germany, especially mobile networks sometimes block calls to such numbers.


With what kind of phone numbers can CloudVoice be used with?2018-11-28T14:12:17+00:00

CloudVoice IVR can be used with all phone numbers from EMTEX. However, if you already have a phone number running at another carrier, you can route your calls to our platform over PSTN to one of our inbound numbers, or by VoIP. By doing so, you can use all features of our CloudVoice IVR even if you use a non-EMTEX phone number.

Where can I look up if my desired German toll free number is available at the regulatory authority?2018-11-26T23:14:06+00:00

You can check that on the website of the German Regulatory Authority. Enter the desired 7-digit number to see if it can be applied for.

You can request the phone number online here.

How can I set the routing of my phone numbers?2018-11-26T23:14:30+00:00

Phone numbers can be routed to any destination number all over the world. On activation of your phone number, we set the routing for you as desired. After that, you can change the routing using our web portal anytime.

Standard destinations (Germany fixed and mobile networks) are enabled by default. Please ask for any other destination, and we will inform you about the pricing and enable it for your phone numbers.

How long does it take to activate a phone number?2018-11-26T23:14:19+00:00

A phone number normally is activated within one working day.


  • We port the number from your previous supplier into our network. We then have to submit a porting request to your previous supplier and wait for the release of the number.
  • You want to activate a number which was assigned by the German Regulation Authority (Bundesnetzagentur). This can take up to 10 working days.
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