CloudVoice API for Toll Free, Local Phone and IVR Services with SIP/VoIP2022-03-19T21:33:59+00:00

CloudVoice API

CloudVoice API is your interface to our cloud-based telephony platform.

You can control all important functions of our systems automatically via the API, as well as request statics or real-time call events.

Our interface is implemented and documented as a REST API, therefore, easy to use.

Examples of API usage

  • Change routing parameters (destination no., quote, time…)
  • Manage blacklist
  • Receive live call events
  • Receive statistics
  • Order new phone numbers
  • Regulatory functions (subscriber data)
  • Set agent status (for virtual call centers)
  • Initiate outbound calls
  • Set call whisper for agent
  • Request agent status
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