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CloudVoice IVR

CloudVoice IVR is our own Speech dialog platform in the telephone network. Usable with 0800-, 0900- and geo-numbers from 50 countries.

On a rental basis, without investment costs, in the pay per use procedure. Efficiently connected to your agents or call centers via VoIP, you can reduce your costs and increase customer service. Our goal: to get callers to the right contact person or the right information quickly, without tying up unnecessary resources.

Plenty of further functions are available

  • Routing by time: Depending on the time of day, different destinations or announcements are triggered
  • Routing according to quota, e.g. 50% to destination A, 30% to destination B, 20% to destination C
  • Routing according to weekday or holiday, e.g. play an announcement outside business hours
  • Routing by origin, e.g. direct calls from specific countries to specific call centers
  • Blocking callers according to a blacklist you manage
  • Offer menu selection with forwarding to different destinations or announcements
  • Retrieve statistics according to various criteria
  • Recording of calls for quality control (with opt in)
  • Fax2Mail / Voice2Mail: Receive fax or voice messages via email
  • Parallel call: forwarding calls to multiple destinations at the same time

Example hotline:

Routing by time / prequalification per selection menu

  • Costumer calls a 0800/0900/Geo number
  • Outside of the working hours an announcement is played
  • Optional with recording and forwarding as mp3 file via email
  • During the working hours a selection menu is offered
  • Depending on the selection, the call is forwarded to the appropriate call center
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